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41℃ No.3 Soluble Collagen GEL

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  • 25ml : gel

Key Features

Supplementing soluble collagen that lost from dermis layer directly is simple way to repair injured skin and anti-aging. Collagen is called as the bone structure of the cells. It is naturally, retain moisture and have astringency. The 41°C soluble collagen is a skin permeable. It is an effective element to repair skin, activate cells, and it is also a supplement of cell matrix that strongly enhances cell-supporting structure. 41°C Avian Collagen is specially to repair collagen losing and collagen fibrin damaged in skin dermis layer. FUNCTION Collagen is a good haemostatic agent and repair agent for the wound. Collagen will stimulate platelet to have quickly clotted and form a film to protect wound. Wound healing should dependent soluble collagen which produces from fibroblast to reconstruct the collagen fibrin layer in damaged dermis. The fibroblast is as a factory to produce and supply collagen for the skin use. The step of reconstruction for new collagen fibrin layer in damaged dermis is started from the edge of wound. Fibroblast produces and supply collagen to reconstruct the new collagen fibrin in damaged dermis and toward the center of wound. The epidermis cell will follow new collagen fibrin to grow which is growth on the new collagen fibrin area and under the scab. Then the area of scab is overlapped the new epidermis cell which area will be falling down. If the soluble collagen is not enough to reconstruct new collagen fibrin in damaged dermis, then the epidermis cell is not able to grow, and then the wound should be fibrosis and forms a scar. However, supplement the soluble collagen is very important to recover your wound and to avoid the scar occur. The concept for acne is same as the wound. You should squeeze the acne, and then a small wound will form. The soluble collagen is able to repair it faster and no scar. It is a simply、directly way for the skin repair and enhance cells growth that is supplement of the 41°Csoluble collagen.

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Last Update : 2017-10-17
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