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TCI to commit to 100% renewable electricity through RE100

Source: Taiwantrade | Updated: 13 March 2018

TCI, a leading innovator and maker of dietary supplements, functional beverages and skin care cosmetics, just became the first company from Taiwan to commit to using 100 percent renewable electricity through RE100.

As a member of the RE100 initiative, a global corporate leadership initiative from The Climate Group and CDP, influential multinational companies pledge to use only renewable energy for their electricity consumption. In so doing, TCI is among Google, Ikea, Apple, and other corporations shifting their traditional electricity production to alternative clean sources.

Besides being the first from Taiwan to join the initiative, TCI is one of the first contract manufacturers to join. The company's action shows awareness of a changing landscape for sustainability, with environmental stewardship throughout the supply chain.

TCI has committed to sourcing 100 percent of its electricity from renewables by 2030, with an interim target of 30 percent by 2020. Since undertaking new sustainability initiatives TCI has:
•Reduced carbon output by 549,000 kilograms
•Generated more than 1 million kwh of clean energy
•Planted nearly 100,000 trees

As part of this strategy, TCI recently opened the world's first green factory for cosmetic facial masks that earned a LEED Gold ranking. Its cleaner operations will reduce energy demands by 65 percent, decrease water consumption by 30 percent and reduce carbon emissions by 30 percent.

Blake Lin (blakelin@taitra.org.tw)
Source: TCI


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