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Taiwan is gearing up to build a smarter future

Source: Taiwantrade | Updated: 13 February 2018

The Taiwanese government is currently promoting a policy for industrial innovation. With smart manufacturing being one of the pillars of the policy, many Taiwanese machine tool makers and aircraft manufacturers are onboard with the government's economic vision and are invested in the development of new smart-manufacturing technologies.

CNC band saw manufacturer Cosen worked with Intelligent Maintenance Systems (IMS), a U.S.-based research center located at the University of Cincinnati, to develop its SawLogix cloud-based predictive maintenance app. It not only monitors saw blade live, but predicts blade failure, too. It also monitors overall band saw machine health in real time. In addition, Cosen has started another business, MechaLogix, to explore similar cloud-based predictive monitoring apps for other types of CNC machines.

Quaser manufactures automation-friendly five-axis machines as well as vertical machining centers, horizontal machining centers and flexible manufacturing systems. It has developed a paperless process for machine assembly in which the assembler accesses information from and inputs information to the shop management software it developed via a tablet device. Quaser also offers shop management software for its machine tools.

Tongtai had developed its Tongtai Intelligent Manufacturing System (TIMS), which has five main functions: production management, smart monitoring, tool management, component management and maintenance. TIMS can process the data received by sensors to control and adjust machines or provide feedback to operators for functions such as machine load monitoring, cutting tool load monitoring, cutting tool life management, machining adaptive control, machine alarm messaging and maintenance support. The company also offers additive and laser cladding capabilities to enable manufacturers to make smart decisions about how best to produce their products.

As Taiwan’s largest civilian and military aircraft manufacturer, AIDC has developed its own Intelligent Manufacturing platform to monitor all four of its manufacturing locations. The system enables real-time monitoring of all aspects of manufacturing processes, with capability to drill down to examine the status of an individual machine tool or piece of equipment, such as an autoclave. AIDC is also looking to develop a smarter, wider supply chain of local suppliers regarding raw material and machining vendors with one goal being to reduce logistics costs associated with using vendors outside the country.

Source: Modern Machine Shop
Yihan Lin (yihanlin@tatira.org.tw)


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