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Green Trade Project Office’s Social Platforms

Source: Taiwantrade | Updated: 20 March 2018

Green Trade Project Office focuses on five key Environmental industries, being Renewable Energy, Energy Storage, Energy Saving, Recycling, Environmental Equipment and Low Carbon Transportation. Besides organizing exhibitions, trade missions and seminars, GTPO also offers other services such as the Green Customer Exploration, employs social platforms to promote its services and Taiwanese green industries.

Corresponding to the change of reading habits, the popularity of social media and ways that people interact, the target audience is much less limited to constraints of time and space. In order to effectively promote the circulation of environmental news & trends to keep the public well informed, GTPO updates its official website regularly and also uses facebook and LINE@.

Though facebook and LINE@ have areas where the functions are similar, such as E-news & publications delivery, these two social platforms also have their differences. Facebook has less restriction on the audience who will be viewing the post, people can leave their opinion, and also like or share pages. The purpose of using facebook is to create interaction, letting more people receive information. In addition, facebook’s post can be advertised with different banners, making it possible that more people can view the post and click the link. Using this method, the posting of an article can be optimized.

On the other hand, LINE@ can help build up an image of importance. It is much more exclusive, as only the members of LINE@ can see the information posted. The specialty of LINE@ is that you can insert keywords. Once the member inserts the keywords, he can immediately receive relevant information, as if there’s actually a person interacting with them. Green Trade Project Office uses this function to publicize international business information. To keep the content updated, the keywords are changed routinely to make sure the information is new and meets the members’ needs. The ultimate goal is to make the community bigger and strengthen the connection.

There are lots of social media and platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, WeChat, etc. However, choosing the platform that accords with the demands of the market is important. What kind of social platform can spread information quickly and effectively for your organization? How can we build up community and create social strength at the same time? Using facebook and LINE@ helps GTPO share information and define the target audience. In this way, we can balance practical and digital strategy to approach more people.


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